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Signs You Need Gutter Repair 

Your gutter system is not impervious to the elements. Even though most gutter systems are made from durable materials such as metals and vinyl, they can become damaged over time or in a severe storm, such as a hailstorm or hurricane. Paying attention to your gutter system and knowing the signs that you need gutter repair can save you money and protect your home from severe damage.

You should call a professional Greenville gutter repair specialist if: 

  • Your gutters are frequently clogged 
  • There is rust or peeling paint on your gutters 
  • The gutters are sagging or are uneven in places 
  • There is excess moisture or condensation in your windows 
  • You have a lot of water or flooding around the foundation of your home 
  • There has been an increase in moss and mold growth on your roof

Even small damage can leave your gutters vulnerable to further damage down the road, such as rust and cracking. If you have just experienced a severe weather event, it is recommended that you schedule a gutter and roof inspection to ensure that any damage is repaired promptly. 

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know if my gutters need to be repaired or replaced?

There are several signs that indicate your gutters may need repair or replacement. These include frequent clogging, sagging or uneven gutters, rust or peeling paint, water or flooding around the foundation of your home, and an increase in moss and mold growth on your roof. If you notice any of these signs, it is best to call a professional gutter repair specialist for an inspection.

What are the consequences of not repairing damaged gutters?

Not repairing damaged gutters can lead to various issues. Water overflow from clogged or damaged gutters can cause damage to your roof, siding, and foundation. It can also result in basement flooding, mold growth, and erosion of the soil around your home. Additionally, it can attract pests like mosquitoes and rodents.

How long do gutters typically last?

The lifespan of gutters depends on various factors such as the material, installation quality, and maintenance. Generally, aluminum gutters can last 20-30 years, while copper gutters can last 50+ years. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help extend the lifespan of your gutters.

Are gutter guards worth it?

Gutter guards can be beneficial in preventing debris from clogging your gutters. They can reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning and minimize the risk of damage caused by clogs. However, gutter guards are not foolproof and may require occasional maintenance.

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Cornerstone Construction is proud to be the most trusted roofing company in town. All of our gutter repair contractors in Greenville are thoroughly trained and insured. We take every job seriously. When you invite us into your home to handle your gutter services, we treat your property with care and respect. At Cornerstone Construction, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team always goes above and beyond to deliver the gold-standard service you deserve. 

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